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Sample Daily Schedule

June 14, 2022 -


Schedule breakdown:

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Arrival: Breakfast (Optional) Small Group & Interest Centers 7am-8:30am
Recess 8:30am-9am
Large Group Gathering 9am-9:20am
Small Group & Interest Centers 9:20am-10:20am
Handwashing & Morning Snack 10:20am-10:40am
Group Read Aloud 10:40am-11am
Recess- GMS Focus 11am-11:30am
Morning Reflection 11:30am-11:50am
Lunch & Clean Up 11:50am-12:30pm
Nap & Quiet Activities 12:30pm-2:30pm
Handwashing & Afternoon Snack 2:30pm-2:50pm
Group Read Aloud 3:30pm-3:50pm
Small Group & Interest Centers 3:50pm-5pm
Recess 5pm-5:30pm
Dismissal: End of Day Reflections & Farewell’s 5:30pm-6pm

Breakdown of Schedule Times:

• Small Group: Students will be assessed in 38 areas of competency by their teachers throughout the school year to track their growth and development. During small groups, teachers will work with groups of 1-5 students by having intentional teacher led activities to promote student understanding in various subjects by using Teaching Strategies Gold learning objectives that align to Creative Curriculum. There are 3 opportunities each day for students to participate in a small group.

• Interest Centers: Students who are not working in small groups will have the opportunity to choose from various interest areas such as dramatic play, manipulative, art, and sensory activities. Each day the interest areas will vary, and additional items will be added to the interest areas based on the current study students are investigating. There are 3 opportunities for students to participate in interest areas.

• Large Group Gathering: This is when the teacher will introduce the focus question of the day that students will be investigating. The teacher will also gather questions about the current study that students would like to know more about. The teacher will use what the students already know about the focus study and what the students are interested in to guide their small group learning objectives. Large group gathering takes place each day typically once the majority of the class has arrived for the day.

• Group Read Aloud: This time of the day is when the class will gather as a whole group and the teacher will read a story. The story will be followed up with questions that the teacher will ask to check for understanding from the group. Stories are re-read throughout the day so students can become familiar with the story and comprehend the material. Each story is intentional and relates to the study students are investigating. Some stories are also re-read in small group settings to check for individual comprehension. There will be 2 opportunities for students to participate in the group read aloud.

• Recess (GMS): Recess is a time for students to go outdoors and play! There is age-appropriate playground equipment available to the students at multiple times of the day. There is also one teacher led gross motor skill activity led by teachers outside for students to engage as a group if they choose. There will be recess opportunities in the morning and afternoon for students each day.

• Reflection: The teachers have group gathering times set to bring the class together to discuss what they have learned that day. This time of reflection is intentional for teachers to check for understanding. Also, it allows students to share with one another what they know and want to know more about. The purpose of our curriculum is to engage students through studies students can investigate and seek answers to understand through play and teacher-led instruction. Reflections happen in the morning and afternoon each day.

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