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Dear Prospective Families, 

Welcome to Young Hearts Preschool, a nurturing and enriching educational environment for preschool and pre-kindergarten children, located on the Great Hearts Roosevelt campus in Buckeye, Arizona. We are delighted to offer a unique early learning experience that lays a strong foundation for your child’s educational journey, preparing them for a lifetime of discovery and growth. 

At Young Hearts, we understand the crucial role early childhood education plays in the development of young minds. Our approach is informed by The Creative Curriculum, a program grounded in child development theory and the latest research in early childhood education. This curriculum is designed to ensure that our teachers are not only knowledgeable about what and how to teach but also understand why certain practices are effective in nurturing young learners. 

The heart of our educational philosophy lies in balancing a general understanding of child development with the specific insights gained through our teachers’ relationships with each child and their family. This approach allows us to tailor our educational practices to the individual needs and abilities of each student, ensuring that they receive the most supportive and effective early learning experience. 

Our dedicated educators are skilled in fostering the development and competency skills of our students across multiple domains, including Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, The Arts, and English Language Acquisition. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your child’s development is nurtured and supported, providing them with a well-rounded foundation for future academic success. 

At Young Hearts Preschool, we believe that learning should be a joyful and engaging experience. Our classrooms are vibrant spaces where curiosity is encouraged, creativity is fostered, and the joy of childhood is celebrated. We strive to instill a love of learning in our students by creating an environment that is both caring and stimulating, where they can flourish both academically and personally. 

We recognize the importance of partnership with parents in the educational journey of their children. To this end, we conduct parent/teacher conferences twice per academic year, providing opportunities for open communication and collaboration. These conferences allow us to share your child’s progress, discuss their development, and work together to support their continued growth and learning. 

Our preschool program is informed by The Creative Curriculum’s emphasis on understanding how children’s knowledge, skills, and behaviors progress over time. This understanding enables our teachers to better support children’s development and learning, tailoring our approach to meet the evolving needs of our young learners. We are committed to providing an educational experience that not only prepares children for academic success but also nurtures their social, emotional, and physical development. 

As part of the Great Hearts Academies network, Young Hearts Preschool benefits from a rich tradition of educational excellence and a commitment to cultivating the hearts and minds of students. We are proud to be a part of a community that values the development of character and virtue alongside academic achievement. 

Located in the heart of Buckeye, Arizona, our preschool serves as a gateway to the lifelong journey of learning. We invite you to explore Young Hearts Preschool, to learn more about our unique approach to early childhood education, and to discover the warm and welcoming community that makes our school a special place for your child’s first educational experiences. 

Young Hearts Preschool is more than just a preschool; it is a community where the foundations of intellectual curiosity, moral virtue, and a passion for learning are nurtured from the earliest stages of education. We are excited about the possibility of welcoming your family into our community and embarking on this extraordinary educational journey together. 

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the exceptional early learning experience that Young Hearts Preschool offers. Join us as we nurture the young hearts and minds that will shape the future. 

With warmest regards, 

Cori Lewis, School Director
Young Hearts, A Great Hearts Preschool